3D Printed Christmas Trees with LEDs

3D Printed Christmas Tree LED Star


Here’s the source Tinkercad file for this: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/3dUfbnKkRLj I’ll add STL files in the next few days,

The parts look something like this:


If this is popular I’ll add more details on how to make this.


For someone who received a 3D printer for Christmas and wants to print some simple 3D Christmas trees.

They are designed to be printed using transparent filament. I used transparent PLA from Hobby King and have balloon LEDs  like these placed inside.

Christmas Tree Transparent PLA

Christmas Tree 3d Print LEDs

You can also use a opaque filament if you don’t want to put LEDs inside them.  I printed some in green with eSun PLA as well.

I’ve used Tinkercad to model these. The orange and green ones should be the easiest to print. The yellow one is easy if you have good bed adhesion. The blue one has to be printed upside down and with a brim in the slicer to help it stick the bed. The top is then glued on.

Here’s the STL files if you want to load them into your favourite slicer – Blue Tree | Orange Tree | Yellow Tree | Green Tree

Here’s how they look with the flashing LEDs…

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