Quake on the Kendryte K210 RISC-V Based Sipeed M1W

Quake on RISC-V

Closely following the RISC-V NES emulator.. There is now a playable port of the classic video game Quake for Sipeed RISC-V 64 based boards.

The port is currently only usable with a Playstation 2 controller. Wiring is pretty simple though. You can use Dupont connectors to connect the controller pins if you don’t want to solder anything.

PS2 Controller Wiring Quake

The following is working for me on the Sipeed Maix M1w. These are available on Seeed and Banggood.

  • Connect your board to your PS2 controller
  • On a MicroSD card, create a folder named id1 and copy pak0.pak (download)
  • Insert the MicroSD card
  • Connect your board to USB
  • In Windows, download K-Flash from https://kendryte.com/downloads/ , unzip and run K-Flash.exe
  • In K-Flash select the device’s port
  • Navigate to the K210 Quake port (download or  Github release here)
  • Click Flash to upload
  • Preset reset on the board

You’ll need to use the settings menu via the Select and Start buttons on the controller to set up the PS2 buttons.


Quake K210 Port on Github https://github.com/elect-gombe/quake-k210
Sipeed homepage: https://sipeed.com/#/

2 Replies to “Quake on the Kendryte K210 RISC-V Based Sipeed M1W”

  1. gir says:

    Can not get K-Flash.exe Oo is there another link/possibility to download?

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